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Before commencing with a treatment it is necessary to complete a Medical history form.

I treat as I find, so I mix and match techniques as required.

After a treatment you may experience a healing crisis. This is a reaction to the treatment which is getting rid of the toxins in the body, you may feel very relaxed, fatigued, emotional lows and highs, headaches, frequent urination and a difference in your bowel movements. 

Clients with medical health plans may be able to claim back payments if using a registered AOR therapist. 

Please note a charge will be made for any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. All times quoted for a treatment are approximate. 

Contact me on  07734487832 or email me at

Appointments are available at –

The Healing and Relaxation Zone
Balance Studio
Bridge street mills
Bridge Street
OX28 1HY

alternately at –

The Anderson Clinic
41A Corn Street
OX28 6BT

01993 708583



Available Hours
Day Hours Venue
Mon 10am-8pm  Healing and Relaxation Zone
Tue 11am-5pm  Anderson Clinic
Wed 11am-7pm  Anderson Clinic
Thu 10am-8pm  Healing and Relaxation Zone
Fri 10am-8pm  Healing and Relaxation Zone
Sat 1pm-6pm  Healing and Relaxation Zone/ Anderson Clinic


I do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. All claims made are based upon actual client treatments as the therapies are not scientifically proven.